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Are you ready to leave the high stress of blackhole development behind?

At GaltSoft we embrace a transparent development process that allows us to work closely with you and your existing team.   We timebox all our development effort into 2-week mini-projects or Sprints.    At the end of each two-week sprint, you have a working product in your hand.  No vague promises of 80% done.   If it is working for you, it’s done.  If not, its still on the list.

Our process

Work with you to set priorities and establish a fixed price for the Sprint
Do our work transparently, you can see every code change in GitHub tied to a specific issue
Deliver working app for your evaluation
Work with you to validate the implementation
Work with you to validate the implementation

100% satisfaction guarantee

We are so confident in our development process that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the results of our Sprint, we will work with you until you are or you don’t pay.

Transparent process

We endeavor to provide you with an open and transparent customer experience by providing you with the ability access and inspect our work units at any time during the production process.

Concrete results

Well as concrete as software gets.  At the end of each Sprint we deliver a working App on to your device.  From this you can see what features are working and what is missing.  This gives you direct visibility into the progress of your app. It allows us all to learn from what we accomplished, make adjustments in the project plan and deliver a higher quality product.

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