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Welcome, I’m Andrew Halls, the founder of GaltSoft. We are focused on creating outstanding mobile applications that engage your customers. Our clients are Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders and Marketers with a clear understanding of their market niche.  If you know what problems your market faces and have a solution idea, we can build an App that fulfills your vision.

I’ve worked hard to make my site useful for you. Distilling over 40 years experience in the software industry, 10 years building Apps for the iPhone and other Mobile devices.   Check out our Blog Posts, signup for a coaching session, or if you are anxious to move forward get started with our Road Mapping Sprint.

If none of this interests you lets go for a Ski next time you are in Beaver Creek or Vail.

Thank you  for visiting the site.

Be Brave!

– Andrew Halls
GaltSoft Founder

GaltSoft Mission

“Plans change, missions don’t.” – Seth Godin.

Build a learning organization that delivers compelling mobile applications for our client’s market niche.

At GaltSoft we strive to create mobile apps, related products and services that deliver value to our client’s market niche.  We do this in partnership with our clients to grow their reach and cultivate additional income opportunities as well as enable them to collect   knowledge of their niche. We focus on building apps that are interesting, compeling and useful.  We do this while we create work/life experiences that are fun and rewarding for all involved.


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