5 Mobile App Ideas that will Attract People to Your Core Platform

Does most of your audience own and use a smartphone? What apps do they use everyday? Is there a way you can bring more value to their daily mobile experience?

I am talking about more than making sure they can read your blog on their phone. You should already be doing this with a WordPress template that supports a “responsive design.” This Blog post presents 5 Mobile App Ideas that will bring value to your existing tribe and give you an additional outpost from which you can capture new members and lead them back to your core platform.

1) Healthy Lifestyles App

A healthy lifestyle is paramount for a sustaining peak performance for the long run. If your not helping your tribe achieve their goals with less effort and a healthier lifestyle you are just stealing from their futures. There are many apps out there that count calories, count steps, track weight change, and provide recipes. Can you find the right blend of features that resonate with your following. Maybe add crowdsourcing goals so members can cheer each other on and nag a bit if things are slipping. How about a dash of meditation guidance and mindful group coaching. A successful app in this area is used everyday, keeping your brand in front of your tribe and helping them to live better.

2) Social Media Center App

As you actively develop your platform in a noisy world, you are producing a significant amount of social media content. This type of app will give your tribe a place to consume your content in a more focused way even while they are on the go. The app can provide access to your premium content as well as integrate with your Facebook page and twitter feed. Capture their email inputs as well as allow your clients to find easily and enjoy your Youtube Channel and Flickr images. It can also host your podcasts as well. Imagine you are enjoying a new podcast and hit a particularly salient portion of the discussion, then pause with a swipe of your fingers adding a comment with a link to that point that will show up in your Facebook page where it can be easily read by others in the group. This type of specific content related comment has been shown to generate additional interest and followup. With the right focus, the community can build a bond as they enjoy and share their insights generated by your material.

3) Event App

Planning a big face-to-face event. Having an event specific app can expand the experience for attendees and for the members of your tribe that can’t join the gathering. The app can be used to generate interest in the pre-event by offering videos and content from previous events, offer exclusive registration discounts and provide a countdown timer. As the event approaches, the app can be used to generate pre-conference feedback on activities. For example, if you have a multi-track event the app can support lightweight scheduling process to help your event planners schedule the right-size the room selection.

The app can offer one point location for enjoying the media produced by the event as the event unfolds. No need to wait until you go home to download and review the speakers slides they can be in your and as soon as the presentation is over. If the app is useful enough it will be in the hands of most attendees and can be used to gather conference evaluation forms when the experience is fresh in the attendees minds. The best time to gather this kind of feedback. The app can be a place to curate media content giving benefit to the tribe long after the event is over.

4) Time Bartering App

Your group of avid fans are coming to the community with a diverse set of experiences and skills. They are onboard with the goals you outline for the group but might find that they have certain skill and experience deficiencies that make it hard to get the maximum benefit out of the materials that you are providing. A time bartering app can crowd-source support and facility connecting people with complementary skills. Some may feel that they are at a disadvantage in such situations because they see themselves giving more then they are receiving. Creating a currency managed and delivered through an app can right these imbalances. A web designer might feel more inclined to spend an afternoon working on a fellow traveler’s website if they know they can cash in the points earned by having a copywriter improve their own website’s about page that evening. Barter systems are used in all kinds of situations, a solid mobile app can establish the virtual currency and match people based on skills, location and goals

5) Network Building Game

We are becoming a video game nation. For many, holiday celebrations include a time to play games. Many of us fill our leisure time by playing sports and other games. Mobile platforms offer a great way to capture moments in your tribes day to play in such away as some real work gets done. Say a part of the program you project is that people should reach out to a portion of their own tribe each day. Create a game that makes this outreach either and tracks a persons performance. Give them points when they make a successful connection. Keep track of the points. Simple score keeping can motivate many people to new heights. Allow them to share their scores, and many can receive the benefits of friendly competition. Games could include quiz games fed by the material presented as part of your platform. Integrate standard metrics systems so tribe members can compare bounce and retention rates for their own websites in a game atmosphere.

These app ideas are refinements on ideas I found from a few google searches as well as ideas found at the site http://www.ideaswatch.com. You can find your own ideas by asking your crew how they use their phones on a sailing basis and how that relates to your platform? Once the ideas come

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in, connect them with interesting activities in the technology space and other successful apps.

Once you get an idea you want to run with check out my blog post on Testing Your Product Idea to learn more on getting your app idea out of the clouds and on to a device.


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