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As a busy entrepreneur I’m always on the hunt for exceptional talent. I know that a dream team full of diverse, creative minds can solve my toughest problems, create amazing new opportunities, and vastly grow my business. Right now I’m in the process of cultivating my online presence, which requires hiring bloggers, graphic designers, and web developers.

Sure, I could hand these jobs off to some random freelancers on Upwork or Fiverr, but if I want incredible results, then I need only the best.

So, how can busy entrepreneurs like myself find such amazing talent and achieve phenomenal success? First, we need to sell ourselves. Ryan Saville, author of Outsourcing: Finding Remarkable Talent, has an effective 7 step system that shows you how.


Let’s say you want to hire a ghostwriter to create blogs for your business. Ryan finds that detailed job descriptions aren’t necessary because,

“like you, your remarkable talent values their time.”

Instead, you want to use relevant keywords that attract the right kind of talent. In this case, words like ghostwriter or small business ghostwriter. Tone is also important. Throw in words like rockstar or wordsmith to attract the most ambitious and energetic candidates. And remember not to restrict yourself geographically. Leave your job search open to talent wherever they are.


If you want to hire amazing talent first you need to sell yourself. According to Ryan,

“They are going to work for you if they trust you.”

And the best way to do that is through creating a YouTube video. Nothing fancy; all you need is a webcam.

There’s 2 types of video you can make. The first is an informal conversation where you:

  • Describe the job
  • Give background details
  • Outline your perfect candidate
  • Speak casually (almost as if the candidate was there)

This video works best for small, one-time projects or can serve as a test for potential hires.

The second video is a bit more sophisticated and involves:

  • Introducing yourself and explaining why candidates should watch your video
  • Providing detailed descriptions, sketches & whiteboards to explain the job
  • Selling yourself as an ideal employer

This type of video is best for complex or long-term projects. It also shows talented freelancers that you value their time by providing so much information up front.


One of the best ways to significantly narrow your list of freelancers is to mention a word or number at the end of your video. eg. Shakespeare or Evergreen. Tell your ghostwriting candidates to include this word at THE VERY TOP of their proposal.

This “password” serves 3 functions:

  1. It proves the freelancer can follow instructions
  2. It shows which freelancers took the time to watch your video
  3. It saves you time by letting you ignore all proposals without the password

By the end, you’ll be left with a much smaller pool of qualified candidates.


After uploading your video to YouTube, include a link to it in your creative brief. Then watch the proposals roll in…. But instead of reading them, invite candidates to a 5-minute Skype conference. 10% won’t respond, so you narrow your list of ghostwriters even more.

“Think of them less as interviews and more like speed-dating,”

says Ryan. Ask them about their background, location, work, etc.

The point of these interviews is to see which ghostwriters are professional, polite, and can communicate well during actual projects. By the end of these snap interviews, you’ll have reduced your pool of ghostwriters to a handful.


Creating a skills-based test can help you separate eloquent freelancers from talented ones. The test could be a small writing assignment outlining your project or an actual part of it. For example: you can ask potential ghostwriters to pen a LinkedIn article on a subject related to your industry. eg. Top 5 iPhone Productivity Apps for Marketers

After each ghostwriter submits their assigned task, you can hire the freelancer who did the best job. This way, you minimize risk before committing to something long-term.


Ryan Saville’s outsourcing guide is perfect for any entrepreneur who wants to assemble their dream team and achieve massive success. It helped me thoroughly vet and hire only the most talented individuals. As a result, I’ve been able to focus on growing both my online presence and business. To learn more about Ryan’s 7 step system, including the final 2 steps not covered in this article, check out his eBook on Amazon: Outsourcing: Finding Remarkable Talent or videos at his website: www.ryansaville.com


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