Finding App Ideas at ProgrammableWeb.Com

Most Appreneurs know about the API’s from the important social networking sites and the industry leaders offering services. Here are list of of some of the API’s that first come to mind:

Actually this is just a small taste, there are thousands upon thousands of resources that your app can talk too on-line. A great place to look for other API’s is the Here you can browse for APIs and get summary information to help you decide if its what you are looking for. If someone is capturing data on a subjected, is hosting a computational capacity or creating a social network, most likely there is an API.

Interested in the a collection at the Library of Congress or the Smithsonian , there is an API for that. Want to harness the power of Watson, the computer program at IBM that beat mere humans at Jeopardy, there is an API.

We were playing around with a chatbot at the office last week. Turns out there are several API’s that allow you to integrate conversational intelligence into your app. Do a search on the ProgrammableWeb site for “chatbot”.

Interested in bring more sunlight on political conversations. The sunlight labs have an API on everything happening in congress. Your

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local government entity might have a “open government” initiative and the API will be listed on the site. Use the World Bank to bring economic data to your conversations.

I’ve used the visual news service at 10by10 over the last few years for practicing my API skills. I discovered this API at ProgrammableWeb.

I think there are thousands of new App ideas milling around at this website. Just linking the right combination of information and computational resources with a dash of social network and you have a winner.

Happy hunting 😉


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