Swift Language Ready

Those of us that have been working with Swift over the various Betas have experienced some changes. The biggest for me was when the semantics and syntax of Arrays changed from Beta 3 to Beta 4. It appears the language is maturing as Apple smooths over some rough edges as it prepares for the September 2014 release of Swift 1.0.

There is no official roadmap from Apple on what we can expect to change between now and the 1.0 release. I ran across this crowed sourced website that has gathered all

the unofficial pronouncements from the Swift team in one place. If looks like the dust is settling and we shouldn’t expect anything that disruptive in the remaining betas.

Apple has scheduled their fall announcements for Sept 9th. If this year follows the pattern of recent years, iOS8, Xcode6, and Swift 1.0 will be released a couple of weeks later. That means only one or two more beta releases. www.macrumors.com

I see I used some Computer Sciencey terms above …

Syntax change for arrays:
Int[] became [Int].

Semantic change for arrays:
let myArray: [1,2,3], went from some complex combination of immutable and mutable to simply immutable.


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